John Archer, Artist

I was born in Saskatchewan, the “Land of Living Skies”, the place of the long view. But, when you have finished watching the clouds, you walk home with the foreground at your feet – the small details of grass, twigs, pebbles, plants. I can see that pull, back and forth, up and down, in my painting.

I left Saskatchewan to go to school in the East – Montreal. The big and glamorous city that was an eye opener. It set my interest in cities and my love of travel. Montreal also had “Art”. Montreal was followed by more studies in Toronto and Ottawa and a career in research, architecture and the construction industry. It was a good career.

As I got older I began to search for something to give me a greater creative outlet and sense of personal accomplishment. Painting was the opportunity. As with many late starters – I began by taking art classes in the evening, setting my easel up in my Ottawa neighbourhood to paint local scenes, sketching on my travels. The goal was to be able to hit the road running on my retirement – to have acquired enough experience and practice to be able to call myself an artist.

I enjoy the swing between more abstract work to more figurative work and back.

The goal brought with it a process of continuous exploration. Unlike some artists, I have not settled on a narrow range of subject matter, or a “style.” I enjoy the swing between more abstract work to more figurative work and back. I love experimenting with the application of
paint. But I also think that there is a common element of “mood” that is a part of all that I do.

I also take inspiration from the canon of painting and artists who have come before me. The challenge is to learn from them but not let them take your own work away from you.

I love to paint and want to share what I have done. I would like to hear from you and would be pleased to know what you think.

John Archer